A conversation about refugees with Dr. Dagmar Soennecken A Conversation About Refugees
Feb 22
Black youth are over-represented in the Canadian and US child welfare system. During this episode, Anayah Phares talks about some of the reasons for this over-representation, what can be done to address the situation, and presents a peer-mentor program she developed to support Black youth in care entering post-secondary education.
Anayah Phares is the founder and Coordinator of Creating Hope and Ensuring Excellent Roads to Success, orCHEERS Mentorship Program. Anayah started the program after being in care for many years, her experiences going to university, and then transitioning out of care.
For more information about CHEERS please visit www.cheersprogram.com. To sign-up for the program or refer someone email Anayah at aphares@ctchc.com or call her at 416-703-8482 ext. 143.

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