Dec 09

In this episode of Your Right to Speak, Sammy talks with his colleague from the Ontario Provincial Advocates Office, Josh. The conversation covers many issues gay black youth face from within gay and black communities. Josh discusses racism, shadeism, class, homophobia, pornography, and whiteness. He stresses the point that the 2SLGBTQ+ community is very diverse and needs to stop working in silos. He ends the conversation talking about how to support the diverse needs of children and youth without reproducing oppression.

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Nov 11

On This episode of Your Right to Speak, Sammy talks with Denise, Priscella and Erica who are members of the Hairstory team at the Ontario Provincial Advocates Office. The conversation is about the many issues black children, youth and families face within the care system. They discuss the over representation of black children and youth in the care of Children’s Aid, the racial bases staff have towards black children and youth, and the importance of cultural competence and cultural compassion in the care system. The interviewees stress the need for more black families to become foster parents and the stigma within the black community about the care system.

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Oct 14

Sammy speaks with Sheldon who works at the Ontario Provincial Advocates office for Children and youth. Sheldon is a team member of Our Voice Our Turn. This project goal is to elevate the voices of young people within the child welfare system. Sheldon talks about a recent update about the project and the impact the project has had on the Ontario welfare system. Sheldon also talks about a new release from the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services and the changes that have been made. 

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Sep 09

On this episode we talk with Dr. Kim Snow, a professor at Ryerson University in the Child and Youth Care program. Dr. Snow explains the sigma that children and youth in the care system face and the importance for young people to have a sense of belonging. She also brings up the importance of how language is used and the impacts it has in children and youth.

If you have any suggestions on what topics we should talk about on the show, if you would like to be on the show, or if you are a child/youth who would like to express their views please email Sammy at  

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Aug 12

Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Irwin Elman talks about child/youth rights and advocacy. He discusses how child rights can coexist with culture, how adults can elevate the voices of children up to age 11, the importance of using activate listening when advocating with children and youth, and what “advocacy” means to the Provincial Advocate.

This episode marks the inaugural Your Right To Speak podcast by Sammy D’Agostino. Know Your Rights will be posted the second Wednesday of each month.

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