Jul 29

This episode begins with a monologue about being young, queer, and navigating drinking & drug culture in the lesbian community. Claire the writer/performer (not her real name) and I then have a conversation about some of the themes raised in the piece. Specifically, the attraction of alcohol to young queer folx, the challenges of not drinking, and how to support young people navigating that space.

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May 30

Over the months of April and May, a new podcast called Transitioning Home was released. It’s an audio drama created by a group of young queer, trans, racialized, and straight folks who have lived in the Toronto shelter system. Or didn’t, because staying away seemed safer. This episode is an interview with Jordan Hightower one of the creators of the project. In the conversation he talks about the project, making art out of difficult personal experiences, and we need to listen – even when it’s hard.

You can listen to Transitioning Home at:




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Jul 19

We are continuing our uploading of presentations from the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care conference which took place in June 2017. Today’s episode is called Walking the Path Towards Meaningful Youth Engagement. The presentation is by two young people who lived in residential care and three Ryerson University Master’s in Child and Youth Care Students.


The following is the conference abstract:


Walking the Path Towards Meaningful Youth Engagement

Since the ratification of the UNCRC, the participation and voice of young people has become a focus in child and youth serving organizations. Progress has been made, however young people still find themselves silenced, dismissed, and removed from the conversations and decisions impacting their lives. Current initiatives for youth engagement are often limited through tokenistic and outdated approaches, that result in young people continuing to feel as though they are not heard and do not have control over their own lives. We as CYCs need to model and advocate for the advancement of meaningful and authentic youth engagement. In order to do this, we need to unpack the complexities and barriers so we can envision a way forward. This presentation will focus on the role of CYC practitioners to support and partner with young people to elevate their voices and participation in the care and services they receive. Through a reflective process, we will examine the barriers that inhibit us from fully implementing a youth engagement approach in our daily practice. CYCs have the responsibility to navigate through these barriers.


Camille Bautista is a current high school student and Ryerson bound hopeful with a particular passion concerning the complexities surrounding philosophical conundrums. She aspires to become a lawyer in the hopes of lending her voice and determination to advocate for the rights of either the environment’s protection or refugee crises.


Charles Jackson is a current student of Fleming College in the Academic Upgrading program, who will be attending Fleming in the fall for the Personal Support Worker Program. Charles hopes to work with the disabled and elderly community, in order to help them remember their humanity and special place in our society.


Joe Blake, BA CYC is currently enrolled in the MA CYC program and has been working in the field of CYC for seven years. Joe’s interests in the field particularly lie in the areas of the youth justice system, restorative practices, social justice, Indigenous practices and youth advocacy.


Amanda Mayhew, BA CYC, MA CYC candidate, is a dynamic CYC practitioner who has been in the field for 8 years. Her expertise is in residential care, where she has been a leader in relational and strength-based approaches. Amanda is well versed in the research on children’s rights and youth engagement. Her passion is advocating for young people to be included in all decisions that impact their lives.


Christopher Tone, BA CYC, MA CYC candidate, has practiced in the CYC field in varying capacities for approximately twelve years. The bulk of his experience lies in school based and residential care for young people who have been dually diagnosed and/or have ASD. Christopher is keenly interested in exploring issues surrounding street involved youth, and the application of children’s rights in Canada and in international contexts

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Apr 26

In this conversation, Patty talks about her son Francis. It is a heartfelt and loving reflection on some of the celebrations, joys, challenges, and learnings she has gone through in her journey with Francis, who was assigned female at birth. There is much to learn from Patty’s wisdom for other parents, service providers, friends, and all those who may come into contact with gender diverse children and youth (which really is all of us).

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Dec 14
On this episode, Salvatore and Jenn wrap up the year and reflect on past episodes. Each discuss what they’ve learned so far and what they hope for the future. Salvatore and Jenn also get a chance to talk about what advocacy means to them and that gaps they have seen in various systems. Let’s Raise Awareness together! 
If you are a child or youth that would like to be on the show or if you have a topic that you think we should talk about, please email Salvatore at yourrighttospeak@gmail.com 

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Nov 09

On this episode of Your Right to Speak Salvatore and Jenn continue on the topic of sexual abuse. The guest Stewart is a volunteer at an agency called The Gatehouse. Stewart  talks about his experience as being  sexual abuse as a child and the peer support program that is offered at The Gatehouse that are free. The focus is that people are coming into The Gatehouse to heal. There is talk about the unique atmosphere create in The Gatehouse. For example how a child and adult is given a teddy bear when they come into The Gatehouse. There is also talk how there needs to be more services for man who are sexually abused. Stewart talks about the stigma of how people who are sexually abuse are often thought of as being sexual offenders.

If you are a child or youth that would like to be on the show or if you have a topic that you think we should talk about please email Salvatore at yourrighttospeak@gmail.com

To hear Stewart radio show please go to: 


The Gatehouse website: http://thegatehouse.org/

The Gatehouse Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGatehouseChildAbuseInvestigationSupportSite/?__mref=message_bubble

The Gatehouse Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/TheGatehouseChildAbuseInvestigationSupportSite/?__mref=message_bubble

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Jul 27
In this conversation, Nikki Thomas talks about the many myths and realities about sex work, particularly as it relates to people under the legal age of consent to do sex work (18 years old, in Canada). Nikki offers some thoughts on why young people become involved in sex work, how to support young people doing such work, and dealing with personal values as professional care providers.  

Nikki Thomas is a sex worker who has been involved in the business for about a decade. She is a strong advocate for rights of sex workers and was involved in a recent legal case that went to the supreme court of Canada. A case which resulted in forcing the Government to change the laws regarding sex work. Nikki also hosts Allegra Escorts Podcasts, where she speaks with other sex workers. To hear the podcast visit: https://soundcloud.com/allegra-escorts-podcast

Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher, and LIKE us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CYCPodcast/

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Jul 13

On this episode, we talk with Joey who is the lead of digital media for Pride Toronto. Joey talks about how he feels society more accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community however, there are some challenges.  

If you are a child or youth that would like to be on the show or if you have a topic that you think we should talk about please email Salvatore at yourrighttospeak@gmail.com         

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Jun 08
On this weeks episode, we say farewell to our co-host, Josh. Best of luck to him and his future endeavours! The two guests on the show are Melissa and Maria, who are peers of Salvatore (Sammy). The topic of the show talks about how sexuality is a spectrum and the different challenges facing the LGBTQ + community. There is also talk around the coming out process. 

If are you a child or youth that would like to be on the show or if you have a topic that you think we should talk about please email Salvatore at yourrighttospeak@gmail.com

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